beautiful Makarska

The next few days are a blur of anchorages – all gorgeous in their own way. Highlights and Frights include:
-A visit to beautiful Makarska on the mainland and a quick catch up with Stefan’s great uncle.
-Going aground at 3.00 am in Šćedrow when we are hit by a violent electrical storm and 40 knot winds while at anchor and tied ashore.
-Heading west and exploring Hvar – the old city is amazing and the islands to the SW of Hvar.

Yachts in Croatia
-Palmizana Marina – a truly lovely spot except for the wasps and rats. We batten ourselves into the boat for the night as see a rat crawling into the cockpit of a yacht nearby. Our Swiss friends picked up a rat on their boat here.
– always charter a new yacht, never old. There are too many problems with them.
– Lastovo Island south of Korcula. This island was open to foreign visitors from 1998 and is mostly unspoilt by tourism. It is still forested over most of it in contrast to the many Croatian islands which appear to be quite barren. It is fascinating to see the bunkers built into the hillsides by the military who occupied the island previously. Two wonderful harbours with all round protection.
– It is getting colder. We have had a marked temperature drop of around 10 degrees. However, we are still enjoying sunny days and the swimming is gorgeous. Steve has just walked past me on his way to his daily swim at 8.00am.
– Regular howling wind and thunderstorms in the small hours of the morning. I don’t really like that bit!

Sailing and YAchting