Old city in Trogir – best place for yacht charter

The rocking has got to us during the night as the boat suddenly goes from flat calm to violent rocking around 5.00 am so that our wine glasses fall over with a crash on the bench. It was our 4th charter. We decide we need to move on, but I get a leave pass to explore the shops while Steve checks out the ships chandlery.

I spend a hilarious hour in a tiny boutique full of designer clothes with slashed prices. The Italian shop assistant keeps bringing me things to try on – we really hit it off. We laugh as I try on skirts, tops, trousers, belts and see myself transformed by these beautiful clothes. Other customers come and go and sometimes join in on the repartee. She is a saleswoman supremo! She tells me I must have zees and zat! “But I am living on a boat” I say! “ I do not need zees and zat! …only maybe zat!” Another customer says “Eef she eees living on a boat she does not need clothes – just a good man!”

Lovely Croatia

“Aha!” I say “I already have a good man, so I do not need anything!” (I am teasing her) She turns to her customer and says “Shut up!” and we all dissolve into hysterics – I laugh until I almost cry…and sooner than I want to, I must depart, but not without my Max Mara leather belt and Emelio cavallini strappy top. I left behind the Beeblos skirt and other items, but will never forget this interlude in Split!
There is plenty more to see in this region, namely the old city of Trogir and Roman sites inland, but we do hope to come back next year. Then we will charter a bigger boat for sure!

Our yacht

If you are planning  charter a yacht or rent a sailing boat –  take a break from your regular activities like job, family and any other clutches you have better plan for a tour to Croatia. Touring will give to relaxed mind will surely freshen up your thoughts. Seeing the same kind of people around and tasting the same food won’t make any difference in you. That is why it is better to visit a place that you have not visited before. By doing so, you get a chance to breathe air of new ambience and to taste the different food and getting along with various people of various race and community from different countries. You will see the difference if you visit Croatia, yes you can enjoy the best of your life if you go with your family or friends. Visiting a place like Croatia would be the best that happens in your life.

Sailing in Croatia

Yacht charter is not just an occasion planned for your vacation taking your family to the various places. Touring is really an experience that should be cherished because starting from transport, then food, new destination, the climate and the journey makes you fresh from inside out if you know how to enjoy touring. You have to enjoy every single moment of your tour with your family or friends so that you can have memorable time. Plan to visit Croatia the place that is located in the coast lines of Adriatic Sea. I have personally visited the place and have a lot of unforgettable moments there. Let me share the glimpse of what I have cherished, it will surely help you to get an idea.Yachting in Dubrovnik

As soon as we arrived at Trogir we were taken for lodging and I have to mention it that the people at the restaurant were befriending us in every aspect like food, recipes, climate, planning, and locations and for better staying. They were Croatia (Croatian) people who are warm and always welcoming. They gave many suggestions to make our stay and touring better, and we were happy to have such a kind hearted people. The first day at Trogir was really fantastic as we hired sailing boat to enjoy the sea and it was too good and we were spell bounded. We could not control our ecstatic joy as we were on the yacht for the first time. No one that visits Croatia should miss yachting. It is really easy, just find a yacht charter www.velmundi.com/yacht-charter/croatia/ and sail to Croatia.

Flowers in Croatia

Do you think about sailing in Croatia? Take a crew on your brand new Bavaria Cruiser 46 and set mainsail and furling genoa in order to feel the wind? It is now easy, the only thing you have to do is to search for the best yacht charter croatia routes and sail to Zadar, Sukosan, Biograd, Pula, Rovinj and other wonderful Croatian cities around Kvarner. If you need bigger sailboat, just choose Oceanis 521, you will not be disappointed.

We reached Pula on Day 2 and it was cool there and we enjoyed the climate as we stepped in there. We had a chance to visit National Park here in Pula and it was really outstanding that we enjoyed every single game in the park. We enjoyed in the artificial waterfalls and there were many people who danced and enjoyed together with us which includes Croatia (Croatian) speaking people also. Our lunch at the restaurant in national park was included with fish recipe. The fish recipe was the special food of Pula and we has delicious recipe like never before. It was terrific experience there, altogether our experiences in Croatia are unforgettable and we cherish those moments still.