Scrivena Luka

In our last blog, we were heading for Dubrovnik on 16 Sept. However, we did take a little more time over this as we called in to Scrivena Luka, the south eastern harbour on Lastovo Island, and spent 2 nights in this enchanting place.


On 17 Sept we are feeling energetic so decide to take a walk over the ridge to the town of Lastovo. The sign says 3 miles and it does not sound like too far away so off we go. It turns out to be quite an uphill climb, then a long downhill on the other side. The countryside transforms as we go from barren hills, to wild olive trees and very fragrant pine trees on uncultivated land, to vineyards loaded with grapes when we get closer to Lastovo township. The island is well known for its good quality wines.  You can charter a yacht there, you can rent a motorbike there. You can do shopping, everything you can do on this small and cosy island.