Constantly running the motor

Today we are heading for Dubrovnic but will possibly stop at the island of Mljet for an overnight. The colder weather is giving us a clear message that we need to go south. We are planning our passage but have not settled on a final plan yet as it will depend on weather.


Internet access has been a difficult issue for us. There are many friends and family we would like to be in touch with and we are constantly thinking of you all. We have a Vodem card on the boat which we use for downloading weather forecasts and for posting this text only blog – photos to follow when we go ashore. The computer has 2 hours battery on it between marinas and charging on shore power. Same with the cellphone which we turn on once a day and check for messages.


We are thinking of installing an inverter so we can charge items on board and also powering up the boat with solar panels. We have seen some very neat flexible panels on a boat which worked well at keeping the batteries topped up without constantly running the motor. On a charter yachts the batteries are not very strong. They were called “Flexi Cell” and sit very unobtrusively on top of the bimini, but have not been able to research them yet (mainly can we afford them?) as need to get internet access to do it. This whole issue was ruling our lives for a while but we have let go of it for the moment until we get to Greece.